1. Registration

Submission of Registration Files by the participant:


  • Completed Application Form

  • Completed Résumé with a recent picture

  • Passport


It is important that the participant completes the registration at least 2 months before the required start date of the internship to ensure that all procedures can be done on time.


2. Choosing the right available position

The participant will be able to choose between all the available positions. LIVE IT OUT will assist the participant according to the participant's studies and profile. LIVE IT OUT will contact the different hotels/restaurants to send them the participant's résumé and arrange an interview if necessary.


3. Visa Application

Once the participant has an assigned postion, LIVE IT OUT will assist the participant with all the necessary documentation for the internship and the Visa Application - if required -. It is mandatory that the participant has an Accident, Health, Public Liability and Repatriation insurance.




4. Starting the internship

Once the visa is approved - if required - the participant must send the arrival details to LIVE IT OUT, in order to organize the participant's arrival with the host company. LIVE IT OUT will send the participant all its contact information and the arrival information. LIVE IT OUT will offer Administrative assistance to the participant to obtain the Spanish Id documents and Social Security number. 


5. Final certification and evaluation

LIVE IT OUT will assist the participant to obtain the final certification and evaluation filled, signed and stamped by the host company. 


Barcelona (España)

T. (+34) 691 887 841

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