Gerardo Aguilera

Cuernavaca, Morelos (México) - Aparthotel LA PÉRGOLA 4* (Mallorca)

"I recommend this experience 100%, it has been the best experience of my life so far. I did my internship in an excellent hotel within an experienced team, which allowed me to learn a lot. I was treated like one more in the team. I finished very proud with what I learned and with the hotel, where the workers and students are like a big family. To do your internship in another country, different than yours, is a completely challenging and unique.   Everyone at Live it out's team is excellent, the attention and support received it from the beginning was very good. I feel thankful and I recommend their agency to every future student. Thank you very much".

Violeta Salmerón

Iguala de la Independencia (México) - DiverXo Restaurant, 3* Michelin (Madrid)

"I am very happy with the restaurant. Their help and disposition made my stay very productive. Both my tutor and my superior are excellent people and professionals, always caring about my learning and well being at DiverXo. I would definetely recommend this experience because, apart from growing professionally, you personally learn about a different culture and meet people from different countries that become friends for life".

Abril Rodríguez

Mérida, Yucatán (México) - Hotel Majestic*****GL (Barcelona)

"I am very happy with the hotel and the whole experience. I could learn a bit of everything from the beginning. After a few weeks, I begin to learn more and more about each tasks, specifically. I have been able to do and learn about everything. I was even responsible of the entire reception area sometimes, they trusted me with that responsibility. I have learnt to be more independent at work, to trust myself when a problem appears. I am now prepared to face and solve any problem in my area. I have more nerve, which is necessary to face the costumers and to not take comments personally. The best part of the internship, for me, was the hotel's athmosphere. Everyone in the team know eachother and they are like a family. They welcome you and treat you as one of them inmediately. They helped me everytime I needed it and never yelled at me. I learnt a lot, more than in any other internship I have done. I love Barcelona, I don't want to leave! I'm in love with its vibe. It was difficult to get used to it at first, because of the language and different vocabulary, but now I am 100% adapted." 

Melissa Arana

Miami, Florida (EEUU) - Restaurante ABaC 2* MICHELIN (Barcelona)

"In the pictures above, I was really tired, covered with burns and cuts, tousled and dirty (specially in the ones everyone threw food on me to say "goodbye"), but I was extremely happy in all of them. My experience in ABaC was amazing. I would repeat it a thousand times. The beginning was hard, but everything went as It was supposed to be. I learned a lot and I grew both professionally and personally. My superiors were patient, supportive and they were always willing to teach and help. Live it Out was very supportive too. There was a time I had to use my Health Insurance and, thanks to their help, everything went quicky and perfectly. Saying goodbye to ABaC is very bittersweet...I am so greatful for the experience and all the things I have learnt. I am not the same Melissa that arrived that day of August. Thanks to all my superiors and teammates for every lesson learned and for being my family during these 3 months. I leave with my heart filled of joy".

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Keishanne Moss

Nassau, BAHAMAS - Los Monteros SPA & Golf Resort 5* (Marbella)

        This was definitely the best internship ever! Thank you so much to everyone at Los Monteros for helping me, teaching me, laughing with me and giving me the best experience I could have asked for! Your the best! I love you guys! Don't ever forget me because I won't forget you!! Best jefe and sous chef I'll ever have! To all of the amazing practicas/interns/friends that I've made along the way at the hotel! Love you guys and thank you for dragging me out my bed at times I never wanted to go out! And all the early morning wake ups and for the countless memories! Well Spain!  

I left a piece of my heart with ya.

Video Testimonials

Welcome to Villa Retiro

1* Michelin Restaurant in Xerta, Tarragona

Welcome meeting that Javier Campo (Head waiter) and chef Fran López have with all students before they begin their internship. This time, we went with Jefferson Mercado and Erin Banzon, students from De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde in Manila, The Philippines.

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